The Business Artist

A human approach to sales, storytelling, and creativity in a data-driven world

Adam brings a philosopher's mind, leader's acumen, and a historian's love for the past to everything he does. His journey is not just about navigating life but also keenly observing and understanding the factors, seen and unseen, that shape our experiences and perceptions.

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About the Author

With a rich background spanning sales consultancy to technological entrepreneurship, Adam's journey is marked by a continuous quest for innovation. His deep-seated belief in the power of storytelling and human connection as pivotal elements for business success drives the core of his work.

Adam Boggs
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker

Book Chapters

"The Business Artist" takes readers on an enlightening journey through the intricate relationship between creativity, storytelling, and strategic thinking in business. Each chapter unfolds a new perspective on how to navigate the modern business landscape with an artistic mindset.


Chapter 1: How Did We Get Here?

Dive into the evolution of business, exploring the transformation from traditional to modern practices, and understand the genesis of the dissonance in today's business world.


Chapter 2: The Cover Band Syndrome (An Imitation Problem)

Unpack the challenges of imitation in business, analyzing the tendency to replicate strategies and the importance of originality for true innovation.


Chapter 3: The Chasm Between Art and Business (A Perception Problem)

Explore the perceived divide between the worlds of art and business, and how blending the two can lead to more innovative, human-centered approaches to business.


Chapter 4: Humans vs. Algorithms (An Automation Problem)

Examine the growing reliance on algorithms and data-driven decision-making, and the critical need to maintain a human touch in our increasingly automated world.


Chapter 5: If These Shadows Remain

A reflective look at the potential future if current business practices persist, emphasizing the need for a shift towards more creative, empathetic, and human-centric approaches.


Chapter 6: The Only Way Forward

Introduces the concept of the Business Artist, outlining the essential mindset and qualities needed to thrive in the modern business landscape.


Chapter 7: The Artistic Mind

Dive into the psychology of creativity and how fostering an artistic mind can unlock new possibilities in business and innovation.


Chapter 8: Reaching a State of Flow

Explore the concept of flow and its importance in achieving peak creativity and productivity, offering strategies to attain this state in your work.


Chapter 9: Inner and Outer Creative Forces

Discuss the interplay between personal creativity and external influences, and how to harness both for breakthrough business strategies.


Chapter 10: The Customer is the Hero

Shifts focus to storytelling in business, illustrating how viewing the customer as the protagonist of your narrative can transform your approach to sales and marketing.


Chapter 11: Caring for the Creator

Emphasizes self-care and nurturing one's creative spirit as foundational to making a lasting impact in business.


Chapter 12: Engaging with Collaborators

Explores the power of collaboration in the creative process, offering insights into building effective, inspired teams.


Chapter 13: Adding Value to Your Company

Provides strategies for infusing creativity into your organization's DNA, ensuring your company remains competitive and innovative.


Chapter 14: Contributing to the Community

Highlights the importance of extending creative efforts beyond the office, making a positive impact on the broader community.


Chapter 15: Transforming the Culture

Concludes with a call to action for Business Artists to lead cultural transformation in their organizations and industries, creating a more vibrant, human-centric business world.

What Readers Say About the Book

Discover what others are saying about the unparalleled power of storytelling, innovation, and human-centric approaches in reshaping the business landscape

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Captures the essence of our times, where human creativity intersects with digital transformation. It is a great read for anyone looking to harness the growth-stimulating power of innovation

Bill McDermott
CEO at ServiceNow & former CEO of SAP

For salespeople, this is your guide to inspire innovation with customers. For leaders, you’ve heard about ‘authentic leadership’ as a buzzword, but Boggs brings you the playbook.

Andrew Dornon

As someone who has made a career of challenging the status quo, demanding industry evolution, and pushing for the inclusion of diverse views and perspectives, I appreciate how The Business Artist encourages people to forge new paths in business.

Sarah Spain
espnW Writer, ESPN Radio Host & TV Personality

As an artist myself, I often get questions about how I made the transition from performer to business professional.  In The Business Artist, my long-time friend and colleague, Adam Boggs, explains how the two are so beautifully in sync as a guide to success.

Jennifer Turner
Director, HR Strategy Consultant  to Alphabet Companies at Google

Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, The Business Artist offers invaluable insights for sales professionals. Filled with tips on creativity, storytelling, and unique sales acumen, it will reshape how you connect with clients and close deals.

Will Nicol
VP of Sales and Pre-Sales, Autodesk and BricsysCAD

The Business Artist is filled with practical wisdom. Boggs shares innovative strategies from his experience, showing how to ignite team creativity and harness collective intelligence. This book is a must-read for those who seek to transform ideas into impactful business solutions

Matt Prostko
VP of Product, TaskHuman

a compelling exploration of the convergence of art and business, championing creativity and human connection as the keys to transforming corporate landscapes

Douglas Ferguson
President at Voltage Control, Entrepreneur  and Human-Centered Technologist

Dispelling the common belief that art and business are entirely separate domains, The Business Artist intelligently proves otherwise. By exploring the coexistence of creative thinking and business outcomes, individuals  who dare to step out of their comfort zones and embrace this approach will witness a remarkable progression in their lives.

Bart Fanelli
Former CRO of Outreach and Head of Sales Enablement  at Splunk, Founder of Skillibrium

The Business Artist illustrates the importance of blending creativity and business with an innovative framework on how the artist in everyone can bring value to the business world through practical application. After all, we are all artists!”

Travis Jones
Former Global Head of Enablement, Autodesk

“In the wake of generative AI, The Business Artist emerges as a critical guide, underscoring the increasing importance of business artistry. As technology reshapes our landscape, this book illuminates how our unique human creativity and problem-solving skills become not only valuable but also essential in harnessing the power of AI.

Akio Aida
Enterprise Sales, Grammarly

Adam is the rare breed of bird that we need today—one who understands how to embrace all that technology and business can bring to the world without losing your soul. This book will give you the road map for navigating the world before us.

Peter Mulford
Global Partner & Chief Innovation Officer at BTS

Through The Business Artist, Boggs masterfully demonstrates the art of using metaphors and storytelling in business. His engaging examples show how these techniques can create lasting impressions and effectively communicate the core message of a product or idea.

Cathy Hite
Former Global Head of Sales Enablement, SAP

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Using stories and case studies from business, entertainment, psychology, and history, seasoned sales leader Adam Boggs uses the metaphor of jazz to remind us that storytelling, innovation, and human connection are crucial for good business. If you're in business, you're also an artist with the potential to craft meaningful work.

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